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Thursday, 14 February 2013


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Mannie Sherberg
On the O'Reilly show last night, Dennis Miller bestowed the ultimate moniker on our esteemed national leader: Obama, he said, is a "debonair grifter." That's as close to perfect a description as anyone will ever come up with; Shakespeare couldn't have done better. All grifters -- debonair or otherwise -- share one quality: they cannot be believed. Their words, no matter how honeyed or how eloquent, never jibe with anything real. Our friends know this; our enemies know this. Obama's not projecting weakness; he's just doing what grifters do -- spinning words to his own advantage. Call him what you will -- debonair grifter, jaunty swindler, suave highbinder -- he's always -- first and foremost -- a political sharper. My Yiddish-speaking forebears would've called him a "shtarker" -- a man who mixes bravura with phony bravado. That's what the SOTU was all about.

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