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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Give me a break. In fact, I wish the State Department mouthpiece would give all of us a break. Nobody believes that John Kerry "feels extremely strongly" about anything but John Kerry. Kerry may be -- after his boss -- the most narcissistic person in the federal government. So why did he trot out this flack to make an urgent plea for aid to the poorpalestinians? Because the poorpalestinains are the Obama administration's number-one fall-back topic on a slow news day. I feel extremely strongly -- indeed, I feel extremely inordinately excessively zealously strongly -- that John Kerry will be another dud as Secretary of State.
Mannie -- Let me make clear, in the strongest possible terms, that I feel extremely strongly that you have produced another of your classic comments. And Yael has produced a title for the post that conveys the point in eight words (and the $ in U.$ is pretty good too). You two are remarkable.
Mannie Sherberg
Elan -- thanks for the praise; I wish I deserved it. I do agree with half your comment: Yael IS remarkable. She has an uncanny ability to boil things down to their essence. I say "uncanny" because -- in my experience -- it's rare to encounter people who can say a great deal in a few words. I'm convinced that's the truest mark of high intelligence: the ability to condense a whole body of thought into a single sentence. And to do that and convey humor at the same time -- as Yael so often does -- is doubly uncanny.
Tom Glennon
When the newly appointed Secretary of State visited the Diplomatic Security Headquarters in Arlington Virginia the other day, he had twice the number of security agents protecting him as did Ambassador Stevens when he went from Tripoli to Benghazi. I think that speaks volumes about where his priorities lie.

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