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Tuesday, 26 February 2013


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Mannie Sherberg
Four annual visits for a half-million bucks! Maybe those of us who've been complaining that Obama promised us transparency but has delivered only opacity are wrong. Maybe this really is the most transparent administration in history. After all, it seems that, every day, the administration gives us an unparalleled look at its inner workings -- and what we've seen couldn't be clearer: jobbery ... graft ... swag ... kickbacks ... bribery ... cronyism ... boodling ... wire-pulling ... payoffs ... boondoggles ... Granted, they haven't told us everything we'd like to know about Benghazi and the like, but they've told us everything we need to know about the one subject you'd think they'd have tried to cover up: their boundless corruption. And maybe that corruption explains -- among other things -- why Benghazi had such a dreadful outcome: an administration that's hell-bent on loot and plunder simply has no time for other matters.

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