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Thursday, 07 February 2013


Mannie Sherberg
What a fitting illustration: Barack Obama as a patent-medicine hustler -- the consummate con artist. I have an old advertising poster for something called "Brown's Household Panacea" -- a nostrum that, according to the poster, cured "internal and external pain; rheumatism; pain in the stomach, bowels or side; colic; diarrhea; colds; cough; sprains; burns; cramps; and bruises." And a bottle cost only 25 cents! That was the beauty of snake-oil: it promised to put an end to every pain, every disease, every sickness, with no exceptions -- a ticket of admission to a kvetch-free world. And -- best of all -- it was cheap! Sound familar? Of course. Obamacare is the ultimate -- the ne plus ultra -- snake-oil. And Obama is -- without doubt -- the world's greatest pitchman.
Mannie -- this reminds me of the proverbial product once sold at circuses: Eucalyptus Oil. Only 10 cents, and after you took it, you couldn't stop saying, "Man, you clipped us!" ObamaOil is an even more amazing product. After a recent four-year test, more than 60 million Americans responded by endorsing the product, saying "Yes we can again ..." without being able to finish the sentence. Miracle drug. It didn't even cost anything: paid for entirely by borrowed money.
Mannie Sherberg
Elan -- I fully expect Obama to announce -- any day now -- that Obamacare will guarantee unlimited visits to the Fountain of Youth, which will, in effect, mean that anyone insured under the plan will live forever (and without a single arthritic ache). Ain't science grand?
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