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Monday, 08 April 2013


Today's Yom HaShoah 2013 pics posted to my vry selective Twitter acct. Your blog is top priority reading. Probably my favorite. My studies of Jewish Holocaust began in early 1950s under the thorough, intense tutelage of Oklahoma history teacher, Mr. Hartley, former WWII AirForce bomber airman/navigator/pilot. I've request to Follow you, Pending. Perhaps you prefer Followers with ability to RT to hundreds. However, I eschew both Followers & Following over 50. Not sure why.
Dear J.L. Courtney, Do you mean over the age of 50? For I certainly am.
Oh,dear. Use of 50 refers to number of Followers & Following. BTW, I'm a retired English & history teacher, also over 50, to be sure, & female. While totally abashed by the need, I appreciate your reply. P.S. Recently, I've been taken aback by the pro-Palestinian stance of a number of my fellow Native Americans--activists, professors, journalists, bloggers--who seem to have no way of expressing their reasons or purpose for championing the Palestinians & all the while, excoriating the Israelis, other than evoking genocide & apartheid. I've challenged only one, a NA professor at an Indian university, obliquely, for want of a more suitable venue than Twitter or Comment. I wish to put questions to each, one by one, but, adamantly, in an open forum. Have you read columnist Diane West's account about Islamization in Oklahoma? [2010?2011?] -megwich

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