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Tuesday, 30 November 2004


I count about ten protesters.
Paul Shore
I am no expert on Human Rights, but do you guys think you protest this stuff once in a while? THE Taliban's use of a child to behead a man accused of being a US spy has been condemned as a war crime and a grotesque example of the abuse of children in armed conflict. A shocking video circulating in Pakistan shows the boy, believed to be just 11 or 12 years old, standing over his bound and blindfolded victim with a long knife and, in a high-pitched voice, denouncing him as an American spy about to meet his fate. A man then holds the victim by the beard while the boy, wearing a camouflage jacket and white sneakers, cuts his throat. The boy then continues to hack away at the neck until the victim's head is severed from his body. The video then shows the boy holding the head aloft by the hair while spectators chant "Allahu akbar", which translates to "God is great".
If u really cared about a certain contry and its people then u wouldnt drop bombs there.

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