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Thursday, 26 January 2006


Thank you for this very useful roundup. This is becoming the blog of record.
Hey, better Hamas than Fatah. Fatah plays games in front of Western media, Hamas does not. They hate us, and they don't try to cover it up. The most dangerous enemy to have is the kind who holds an olive branch in one hand, and a gun in the other behind their back. At least with Hamas we know they have guns in both hands wide open where we can see them.
A hearty nod in agreement, RR. BTB is the true leader of blogs for Israel advocacy.
J. Lichty
Notably, the PLO was ostensibly brought back from exile to defeat Hamas with tactics Israel could not get away with. Looks like the final nail in the Oslo coffin has been spent. Hamas has won.
J. Lichty
RR writes: "This is becoming the blog of record." Agreed RR. THis is one of my must see stops in the blogosphere everyday.

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