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Friday, 27 January 2006


Abbas was "a far more pragmatic negotiating partner than Yasir Arafat was"? How would the NYT know, since Abbas never renounced the right of return, never accepted any change to the 1967 borders, never dismantled a single terrorist organization (the pre-condition in the Road Map to any negotiations), never arrested a single terrorist, and spent his entire time on his nebech strategy? "A far more pragmatic negotiating partner than Yasir Arafat was" sounds more like a little known Yiddish insult than a statement of fact.
I'd add not only did Israel release those prisoners, a number of them came back and were guilty of terror again! It would be interesting to catalogue how different concessions led to more terror and extremism.
Thanks for the great resource re prisoners freed. And yes, i do agree, the NYT article was outrageous. But believe me, it is nothing compared to what you see printed here in Italy... Ciao, Paolo
Lynn B.
Far be it from me to defend the NYT or the ridiculous implications of the statement you quote. But on its face there's a kernel of truth to it. 900 prisoners released last year isn't chopped liver, but arguably that's all Abbas can claim to have gotten from Sharon. The previous releases weren't on his watch. And the 'disengagement' wasn't a concession to Abbas, it was, according to Sharon's twisted logic, a hostile act of "cutting off" a million Arab palestinians from Israel (a classic case of cutting off one's nose -- or heart -- to spite one's face, IMO). In any case, Abbas can't claim credit for it. But so what? Why should it be up to Israel (or the U.S. for that matter) to prop up Abbas, especially since he's demonstrated daily that he has no control over his own people? (BTW, far from being seen by the Arab palestinians as a concession to Abbas, the 'disengagement' was seen as a victory for Hamas -- so to that extent perhaps Sharon does bear some responsibility for Wednesday's vote. Obviously not what the NYT meant.)

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