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Wednesday, 15 February 2006


...lack of sensation? wrong!!!! go rattle cages. get the word out beyond your blog. i start and end almost every conversations with normal expats with the follwing question: "so, ready to convert?" all know exactly what i mean and cut the small talk to get to discussions on dangers and survival in the middle east. in my patch everybodys talking...even my japanese golf partners. most will not stomach the march of islamofacism. all are evaluating their options and reactions. stoke the fire...get people talking.
We understand that these are incited ignoramuses that are going to blow themselves for the recompense of the so-called 72 virgins and boys like pearls. The only thing that saddens me is that they do not all gather together, and I mean all the Pa, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest of the deluded stupid Terrorist MORONS and blow themselves in unison so we can all leave in peace after they are gone.
Correction... The only thing that saddens me is that they do not all gather together, and I mean all the Pa, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest of the deluded stupid Terrorist MORONS and blow themselves in unison so we can all live in peace after they are gone.
"Safe Corridors" And Israel's Destruction Thu, Feb 16 2006 at 8:32 pm "Safe Corridors" And Israel's Destruction ~by Prof. Steven Plaut A fundamental plank in the Oslo "peace process" is to provide the Hamas mini-Reich with a "safe corridor" that links the Gaza Strip with the West Bank. Israel would be prohibited from stopping the movement of weapons, explosives, and terrorists along this "safe corridor". The Americans and the EU have been pressuring Israel to allow the operations of the "safe corridor" to begin immediately. Now that there is no Israeli presence in the Gaza Strip, there are also no obstacles to the massive import of state-of-the-art advanced weapons into the Gaza Strip via Egypt. These likely include shoulder missiles. No more Kassams for the Hamas, those pieces of junk held together by chewing gum and glue! The Palestinian terrorist army now has 21st century high-tech weapons. And the "safe corridor" will ensure that these also reach the West Bank. Shoulder missiles that can knock down civilian planes will reach Palestinians in positions over which planes fly when landing at and taking off from Ben Gurion airport. What I find most amazing is that the Israeli political establishment has learned absolutely nothing from previous cases of implementation of "safe corridors" in history! Israel's will not be the first! The most famous, or rather infamous, must be the "Polish Corridor" that Hitler demanded in 1939. As you recall, after World War I, when Poland was reconstituted, Danzig remained a "free city" and parts of East Prussia remained under German rule. After Hitler took power as the Rais in Germany, ethnic Germans in Danzig formed a nazi party and took control of the city. Following his success in cowing the West, winning all his demand! s at Munich, and then in destroying Czechoslovakia, Hitler's next agenda was a "Safe Corridor" between Germany proper and Danzig/East Prussia. Hitler was sure the West would again acquiesce and appease. Poland dug in its heals and refused the demand for a "safe corridor". Poland understood that the "safe corridor" was little more than a tactic to divide Poland's territory and make it more vulnerable for a German invasion. On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. After Poland's defeat, Danzig and the Polish Corridor, as well as much other territory in western Poland, were annexed to Germany. After World War II, the entire German population of East Prussia and Danzig was expelled by Poland. In recent years we have been hearing cries from the Israeli Left that the coming "Palestinian state" must be provided with territorial "continuity". The only problem is that one look at the map shows ! that, if the Palestinian state has territorial continuity, then the Jewish state cannot have territorial continuity. And this in fact is the point of the demand for a "safe corridor". The "safe corridor" would simply be the first step towards armed aggression against Israel and territorial dismembering. The Polish government of 1939 understood that the "Polish Corridor" would amount to the first step towards self-annihilation and refused German demands. The Israeli political establishment has far less backbone and common sense. Oh, by the way, we are hearing arguments about how Abu Mazen of the PLO will stay on as "Palestinian President" while the Hamas only controls the "'parliament" and so will keep the Hamas restrained. Will, speaking of historic precedents, this strongly resembles similar predictions when Hitler took power and Paul von Hindenberg was Reich President. Von Hindenberg! will keep Hitler restrained, was the accepted wisdom and media spin. Within a year von Hindenberg was dead and Hitler had seized all presidential powers.
Defense officials: Keep PA laborers out http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3217162,00.html Security officials recommend series of moves to be adopted in wake of Hamas' elections victory, including denial of entry permits to Palestinian laborers, curbs on fund transfers, and prevention of movement from Gaza to West Bank Hanan Greenberg Playing hardball with Hamas: The defense establishment recommends that Israel adopt a series of measures in the wake of Hamas' election victory, including the curbing of fund transfers to the PA, the prevention of movement from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank, an effort to stop donations to the Palestinians, and a ban on the entry of Palestinian laborers starting this coming week. Tough Questions How to fight Hamas? / Ronny Sofer Security officials discuss Israel's response to Hamas election victory Full Story However, at this time Israel has no intention of undermining Palestinian water and electricity infrastructures or tampering with the transfer of medical supplies, and will continue humanitarian cooperation with the Palestinian side. Other recommendations, formulated following a meeting attended by senior security officials, include the freezing of all projects (such as the setting up of a Gaza seaport and airport) and preparations to turn Gaza's Erez and Karni crossings into international border crossings, thus ending the practice of collecting taxes on behalf of the PA. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz also ordered the establishment of a special team that would recommend future moves on a weekly basis. The defense minister said the swearing in of the new Palestinian parliament on Saturday will mark the beginning of Israeli sanctions, adding that "a Hamas authority constitutes a danger to the State of Israel." The discussion was also attended by IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin, Mossad Director Meir Dagan and IDF Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin, among others. 'honey trap' During the discussion, defense establishment officials said that the fact that at this stage Hamas is trying to present a false impression of calming the area down is not more than a "honey trap" aimed at putting the public opinion to sleep and creating disputes among the international community. Hamas is currently continuing to build its power in order to carry out violent acts against Israeli citizens, officials said. Mofaz said that Israel must continue to insist on its demand that Hamas accepts its conditions, including disarming the organization, renouncing terror, recognizing the State of Israel, annulling the convention calling for Israel's destruction and accepting all past agreements. "The fact that Hamas is unwilling to withstand these demands should bother the entire world, and only testifies to the organization's real intentions," Mofaz said. Israel has so far adopted a policy of distinguishing between terrorists and Palestinian civilians who do not take part in terror activities. The working premise was that Palestinian welfare should be enabled (by providing working permits inside Israel and opening crossings and roadblocks) out of a desire to let Palestinians live their lives in dignity and prevent frustration, which may lead them to join the terrorist activity against Israel.
Isn't this Peaceful Religion really peaceful, gee they just again prove the cartoon to be right. This is a nut-case sect of mad men http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3217591,00.html Cleric: Kill cartoonist, get reward Pakistani cleric offers money, car to anyone who kills Muhammad cartoonist Associated Press A Pakistani cleric offered a 1.5 million rupee (USD 25,000) reward and a car to anyone who kills the cartoonist who drew Prophet Muhammad, while another Islamist leader was put under house detention amid fears of more deadly demonstrations, officials said Friday. Thousands of security forces were deployed across the country to prevent unrest. Police arrested 125 protesters for violating a ban on rallies in eastern Pakistan and arrested 30 others after firing tear gas to disperse a protest in the southern city of Karachi. Thousands staged rallies in other cities. Denmark temporarily closed its embassy in Pakistan, officials said. Muslim Anger Cartoon rage a wake-up call / Yigal Walt Feeble international reaction to Muslim fury bodes badly for West, Yigal Walt writes Full Story Mohammed Yousaf Qureshi, prayer leader at the historic Mohabat Khan mosque in the northwestern city of Peshawar, announced the mosque and the Jamia Ashrafia religious school he leads would give a 1.5 million rupee reward and a car for killing the cartoonist of the prophet pictures that appeared first in a Danish newspaper in September. He also said a local jewelers' association would give one million dollars. No representative of the association was available to confirm it had made the offer. "Whoever has done this despicable and shameful act, he has challenged the honor of Muslims. Whoever will kill this cursed man, he will get one million dollars from the association of the jewelers' bazaar, one million rupees from Masjid Mohabat Khan and 500,000 rupees and a car from Jamia Ashrafia as a reward," Qureshi said. "This is a unanimous decision by all imams (prayer leaders) of Islam that whoever insults the prophet deserves to be killed and whoever will take this insulting man to his end, will get this prize," Qureshi said. He did not name the cartoonist in his announcement, made to about 1,000 people outside the mosque after Friday prayers. They burned a flag of Denmark and an effigy of the Danish prime minister. Sirajul Haq, a senior minister in the provincial government - which is run by a hard-line Islamic coalition - told the same gathering that the government should demand the extradition of the cartoonist and put him on trial in Pakistan. Dead, injured in anti-cartoon protests Elsewhere in Peshawar, where violent protests on Wednesday left two dead and scores injured, police fired tear gas to disperse more than 1,000 people who were trying to block a street. Several people were arrested, said a witness, Khizar Hayat. In a main street in the city, four effigies representing Danish, German, French and Norwegian leaders were hanged from lamp posts. Police in eastern Punjab province, meanwhile, were ordered to restrict the movement of all religious leaders who might address any rallies and round up religious activists "who could be any threat to law and order," a senior police official said in Lahore, the provincial capital. In Multan, another city in Punjab province, about 300 police swooped down on 125 protesters, who gathered at a traffic circle, chanting, "We are slaves of the prophet," and trampling on a Danish flag, said Sharif Zafar, a police official. Protesters shouted "Death to Musharraf" as they were bundled into two police buses, referring to Pakistan's leader, President Gen. Pervez Musharraf. Zafar said they were being taken to a police station because they were violating a ban on rallies in Punjab which was declared after deadly riots in Lahore on Tuesday. In Karachi, police fired tear gas and swung batons to disperse about 2,000 protesters, many wielding sticks, who blocked the main highway into the southern city, said Alim Jafari, a Karachi police official. The road was cleared and some 30 protesters were detained, he said.
Correcting a TYPO The only thing that saddens me is that they do not all gather together, and I mean all the Pa, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest of the deluded stupid Terrorist MORONS and blow themselves in unison so we can all LIVE in peace after they are gone. Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. BRING JONATHAN POLLARD HOME TODAY
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Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. BRING JONATHAN POLLARD HOME TODAY

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