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Wednesday, 22 March 2006


Congrats -- you've managed to 1- conclude that M&W were committing "academic malpractice" - simply because they were accused of it (by not exactly objective sources) 2- Apply the Guilt by Association tactic of pointing out that Arab News agrees with M&W. 3- Resorted to accuse M&W of anti-semitism 4- claim that M&W had failed to "reference or admit to" the existence of an Arab lobby -- which is false as th MW essay does in fact mention it. .... all without actually refuting a single sentence of the M&W essay.
J Klein
I have read several comments on the paper as well the paper itself, and your post is the best. You are the only one who points out the operational conclusions of the paper: the Jewish lobby is nocive to the the country (and the word), and it is necesary to find ways to curtail their power. The professors are thinking more in the line of numerus clausus in the academe (you forgot the paperĀ“s attack on Jewish influence and control of the universities) rather than a violent but inefficient pogrom. If the professors are antisemitic or not is a question of semantics. They are against Jewish influence, Jewish activities in the university and foreign policy, against Jewish economic power that facilitates Jewish influence, etc. They are, in a word, against the Jews. We in Israel shall manage, but American Jews may face some discomfort in the future.
Excellent post. (look for my link)
They were not "accused of it", they were quite thoroughly proven to have done it via shoddy scholarship. Of course, since the poster who wrote the quote below was arrested for wife beating (my source was a little bird that flew past my computer), his opinion is somewhat questionable. > Congrats -- you've managed to 1- conclude that M&W were committing "academic malpractice" - simply because they were accused of it (by not exactly objective sources)
Responding to JKlein, using your numbers: 1. It's not like the accusation of academic malpractice is unfounded. In fact, Richman's post takes one simple "factual" statement from the W-M essay and clearly substantiates that it is false. You might actually read these things before making a judgement. 2. Guilt by Association. Yes. I think it's important for supporters of Israel to know what the Arabs think and perhpas realize how how useful this essay is to them for purposes of (further) demonizing Jews. BTW, did you know that "Jewish People" the world over cannot obtain a tourist visa to Saudi Arabia? Nor can anyone with an Israeli passport, nor anyone with a passport that has an Israeli stamp. See http://cbs2.com/topstories/topstories_story_057202251.html 3. Yes, I think it's antisemitic. I'm a Jew and it gives me a stomachache. That's a sure sign. You don't have to agree with me, in fact I would appreciate if you could convince me that it's NOT antisemitic. 4.I didn't say it, Ruth Wisse did. Go complain to her. On second thought, don't bother, if you what you say is true, I'm sure it's already been brought to her attention. And LASTLY, I didn't undertake this post to refute the essay sentence by sentence. Others, smarter than I, had already done that so I linked to and quoted them. I'm not blogging here to meet your personal desires. I'm trying to bring people information they might not get otherwise, and I enjoy "thinking out loud" as I go along. If you disagree, then you can present an actual argument, rather than just complaining.
Whoops, I was responding to "haas" - NOT "JKlein." My mistake, I'm sorry. Also, I thought the comments were out of sequence, but "haas" is writing from 11 pm when it's 11 AM where I am. Where would that be?
J. Lichty
Let's not forget that jew-hatred merely took a short break at Harvard. Sadly this is just another chapter in a very old story.
You state: "I cannot but dread the ripple effects of what might have been, in some other context, just an inconsequential bad piece of work." The "ripple effects" likely include encouragement of the Arabs to further attack Israel, and the Lebanon war was likely one result. Walt and Mearsheimer, thus, can be seen not just as bad academics, but as accessories to murder.

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