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Monday, 13 March 2006


Rocket Ray
I'm wondering if anyone has put together a web page detailing all the murders that Hamas has committed. The members of these congregations could then be referred to the web page, and afterwards they might want to have a talk with their rabbi about his passion for "constructive engagement" with murderers. Just a thought.
Rocket Ray, This is the closest thing I have, but it's not up-to-date by any means. It's what Hamas calls its "Glory Record." http://bokertov.typepad.com/btb/2006/02/hamas_operation.html
I am glad that no Colorado Springs rabbis are on the list! My former Houston rabbis are not on the list either. I am glad that my spiritual needs are being met by sane religous leaders!
What do you do? You remember that they are people with a mental disease. They are somewhat dangerous to themselves and other people, but they are not violent. One should feel pitty for them. One should look for useful opportunities to acquaint them with reality now and again. I do my part with some of them.
Wild Justice
So glad you posted this list. Was tempted to join a certain congregation in South Jersey ... until now. I see the rabbi's name is on the list. Won't be going there anytime soon.
Damn it. I know at least four of them on this lest. One is the rabbi at my shul and one is a regular chazzan at services. What an embarrassment.
These names have never been a secret and all of these rabbis will willingly and rationally speak to anyone who disagrees. You don't agree with them and with a large majority of Israelis I might add, fine, but your discourse here does your equally valid opinions no favor
Rabbi Arthur Waskow
Thank you for publishing this list. I'm proud to be in such wonderful company. Did you know that in a recent poll 64% of Israelis supported discussions to achieve a ceasefire in both directions in Gaza/ Israel? No more suicide attacks on Israelis, no more assassinations from the air, no more bombings of Palestinian homes or of Israeli homes. The Israeli govt turned it down. Why? Perhaps because the Palestinians might improve their weapons during the ceasefire? But so could Israel, no? Or the ceasefire negotiations could include tough provisions for preventing new weapons, no? Or because Hamas doesn't recognize Israel? But the negotiations themselves would be the first step to recognition, as between the US under Nixon & China under Chou En Lai & Mao. Then why, why why, not save some Israeli lives? By the way, responding to an earlier query, Btselem , an Israeli organization, posts on its Website the names of all Palestinians and Israelis killed by violence from the other nation, together with personal information on each one. Blessings of shalom to you.
Rabbi Yakov Levin
Dear Rabbi's The lesson of 4000 years of Jewish wisdom and experience teaches us that only by helping and caring for each other we will flourish, and make Israel a better place to live for all people. * EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS * EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAMS * FAMILY SERVICES Step Forward for Children Rabbi Yaakov Levin http://www.israelhelp.org Israel Tel: (646) 736-2755 Fax: (972)-3-9606501 [email protected]
R. Steve
Excuse me, but are you aware that the government of Israel negotiates with Hamas????
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