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Sunday, 19 March 2006


Palestinians Get It Wrong
Also, Egypt reported yesterday that they found a 1.5 tons of TNT about 2 kilometers from the Karem Shalom crossing. Palestinians just can't wait to blow things up. http://whypalestiniansgetitwrong.blogspot.com/ palestiniansgetitwrong@yahoo.com
Let them starve - as long as Islamo-Fascism-Nazism Muslim totalitarianism from the PA and/or Hamas and/or Fatah remains powerfully in place. Democratization took place in Germany, Japan, and the Soviet Union *after* their populations had endured the crush of their respective totalitarian governments. By 1945 and 1991, they recognized what disasters fascism and communism had brought them, and were primed to try a different path. Since palestinianism is a combination of Fascism and Nazism and Islamic barbarism, it will take a longer time to eradicate, but perhaps the end result for palestinians after they starve long enough will be to excise the cancer from within their diseased communities and governments and evolve civilly like post-war Europe did.
Can't Israel at least send them some ... chickens? Bwahahahahahaha
Representatives of Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the Quartet . . . reached a temporary agreement Sunday that humanitarian aid to the Palestinians will enter . . . via the Kerem Shalom crossing . . . . The compromise means that the aid will not pass through the Karni terminal . . . . Earlier on Sunday the Palestinian Authority said it would not open the alternative Kerem Shalom border crossing for Israeli goods. Israel responded by notifying the Palestinians that they would be held accountable for a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip that would ensue from their decision. . . . Health Minister Ya'akov Edri said he believes that "[the Palestinians] are creating an artificial crisis." [Health Minister Ya'akov Edri told Israel Radio] "If a humanitarian problem does exist, we have told them to open the Kerem Shalom crossing immediately. . . .” http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/objects/pages/PrintArticleEn.jhtml?itemNo=695549

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