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Tuesday, 30 May 2006


I'll second that emotion! There's nothing quite like a self-hating Jew.
"Yes, I know Judt is Jewish and once lived on an Israeli kibbutz, but I'm sorry, that apparently doesn't preclude his making antisemitic statements." Yadda, yadda, yadda. He and his ilk have two faiths, the other Marxism. When Moscow saw its client states and weapons fail in 1967 they went bonkers with an anti-semitic campaign. Cultic Marxist dogmatism dictated Western lefties to follow the Moscow line. The reason Eastern European elites today don't talk like this is because they knew the propaganda was Soviet B.S. Western leftist elites are still in their immature phase, like Judt. The ones that are Jewish sound crazier because they are more deeply conflicted by the Soviet foreign policy agitprop.
Geoffrey Rose
Tony Judt is not a Marxist. He has condemned Marx-Leninism's abuses for his entire career as a public intellectual. In fact, much of his work focuses on the moral blindedness of West European communist intellectuals. And the use of the term, "self-hating" Jew, is really ridiculous. All Jews should speak with one voice concerning Israeli policy?
C. Siegel
I think a LOT of Jabotinsky is in order. I am so sick of all the apologizing and assuming that our enemies are our fault. I am sick of Jews confusing Judaism and Jewishness with socialism and assuming that socialism is a substitute for tzedaka. It's just greed wrapped in a politically-themed paper. Who gives a rat's backside if Judt is Jewish and/or once lived on a kibbutz? I decline to accept him as Pope, prophet, or posek. I fail to see that the fact that the Palestinians repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot is the responsibility of Israel. Isn't ANYTHING that happens in the Palestinian entity the responsibility of the Palestinians themselves? This Jew here is standing with folded arms, saying "Go to Hell"

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