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Thursday, 15 June 2006


I support thr Jewish people.
I view this decision by Israel's government as akin to America's decision to covertly support both Iran and Iraq during their war. In a scenario when a victory by either party means a loss for Israel, the only thing to do is retain the status quo, and make sure neither party becomes too much stronger than the other. I have accepted the fact that there will be NO peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the neighboring arab countries, or islam as a whole. Perhaps this is the government of Israel's way of showing that is what they believe as well.
As time goes by insanity and treachery like Olmerts takes on the tone of normalcy. How many Jews like lemmings follow. The sane going in the other direction feel at times as if they are the insane. I sit here like a fool watching it all with wonderment. I wonder am I insane at being much more than disgusted with idiots like Olmert. I watch numbly hoping that the trend towards insanity will began to reverse, that more leaders will began to see clearly and do justly. I know my hopes will not be fulfilled, I know we are lost if we do not take back the reigns. Will we take back what these traitors like Olmert are stealing, I for one do not believe we will. When things are so lopsided and a person like Olmert is leading. I sit here typing like an idiot trying to explain to myself why we on the bottom continue to put politicians with amoral souls on the top. Why, why, why. Why even type why even care.
I beg to differ, but "Abu Mazen" is not a pseudonym or nom de guerre, it's what's called a 'kunya' or a title in Arab culture. He is not hiding behind the name, like people who use pseudonyms do. Everybody knows who Abu Mazen is, unlike, say the people who revealed American President Nixon's activities.. they used pseudonyms like 'Deep Throat'. A 'kunya' is a title given to an Arab man. For example, the Islamic prophet Muhammad was called 'Abul Qasim' or 'Father of Qasim', after his son Qasim was born to him. I think Abu Mazen means 'father of the one who weighs'.

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