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Monday, 11 September 2006


Incredibly moving. Now we all know him, and can remember.
Pradeep Peter
I have tears in my eyes reading your tribute. So moving...I am not sure if I have done enough justice in my tribute for another brave young man named Michael Otten.
Well done.
Dear Pradeep Peter: We CAN'T do enough justice. We just have to keep on trying. Just think, if you had done nothing.... how horrible it would have been, both for you and for the memory of Michael Otten. No, this is great, this effort in the blogosphere is transforming evil into good. Right in front of our eyes. You should feel gratified ... you're part of a miracle.
Kelly Clark
Yael, For someone who "fumbled the ball" your recovery is spectacular. Thank you for introducing me to your brave friend Jeff and his family.
thank you
Absolutely beautiful Thank you for sharing.
A very touching tribute. Thanks for sharing his story with us.
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Jeffrey would've been very proud, the fact that you remembered goes a long way, wonderful tribute.
See also "Still Remembering: Jeffrey Roger Nussbaum" - September 11, 2009: http://bokertov.typepad.com/btb/2009/09/still-remembering-jeffrey-roger-nussbaum.html
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But if not, you are out of luck.
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Eu só quería comentar e dicir que manter a calidade work.Thanks moito para compartir. Vostede ten feito un traballo brillante. O seu artigo é realmente relevante para o meu estudo neste momento, e estou moi feliz de lelo.
Roxanne Pompa
You were the Epitome of the NYC! ...need to post some cool pics.

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