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Friday, 01 September 2006


http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/templateC06.php?CID=932 From a lecture earlier this year by Ya’alon: "Israeli solidarity is also affected by the degree to which the rule of law and democratic principles are upheld in society. In a country where “law” has come to resemble a beautiful book on a shelf -- it is read and used when the need arises, but at other times it is merely of ornamental value -- it is of supreme importance that IDF commanders set an example, keep their hands clean, and teach their subordinates to do the same. As a military man who spent many years with Israel’s civilian decision makers, I knew how bad things had gotten in this regard, and I always saw it as my duty to keep the IDF from going down the same road. "Beyond the rule of law, I have seen a similar breakdown in democratic decision making -- notably in the process that led to last summer’s disengagement from Gaza."
I remember arguing about this vociferously before the disengagement - and the Americans, even those extremely right wing, would claim that we in Israel were being paranoid. It is important to know that in Israel there is no system of checks and balances - and that the media is almost totally left wing, so that they do not do their job of bringing problems to light. This mix leads to a huge amount of corruption.

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