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Wednesday, 15 November 2006


James Biga
I'm sure it has come to your attention but just in case you missed it, an Israeli life doesn't count in the grand UN/EU/Leftist/Islamist scheme of things. Unfortunately we now live in a world where the oppressor is the victim and the victim is made the oppressor. This upside down world allows Despotic tyrants to be held up as humanitarian civil servants. This same world calls for the acceptance of terrorist groups as legitimate representatives of people. It is the same world that will allow, and support, Hizbollah retaking Lebanon. This will place Israel in the center and allow attacks to not only occur, but to be officially state sponsored. In the meantime, the UN, EU, and the US will call for Israel to show constraint. If you consider a person a friend and they talk you out of defending yourself, they aren't your friend.

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