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Friday, 29 December 2006


Nurit Greenger
Nauseating World These days, I regularly feel nauseous, and the discomfort rarely subsides. What makes me feel so ill? I am simply disgusted with the world! I had expected the “fight for what is right” to be difficult, but I am surprised by how lonely a battle it is. I had hoped that by now many more people, even millions, would have joined the struggle to preserve our way of life, which might have turned the tide in our favor. Instead, the struggle has gotten tougher. All the while, the danger has gotten and will continue to get closer. Here at home, the behavior of American politicians scares me. The “public servants” we elect to represent us wind-up serving only their own interests. They, regardless of party affiliation, are paralyzed and inept. Politicians fail to keep the endless promises they make. They are nothing more than lying bureaucrats perpetrating an agenda of duplicity. Our supposed leaders fight for what is expedient not for what is right. They are misguided, which clearly implies that the nation is misguided as well. I have burning and seemingly obvious questions that do not get the attention they deserve. Why, for instance, does the US not demand that the Saudis stop muddling with terror? Does our insatiable need for oil outweigh our personal safety? Why are US efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons so very meek? After taking such a strong position against terror, is the administration softening on Islamo-fascism and the war against terror? Will anyone on Capitol Hill tell us the truth about anything? I watch with terror the continuing Islamization of the United States. Some American institutions, such as banks, have already adopted principles of Sharia’a law as part of their daily operations rather than standing firmly by American values. No one seems to be doing a thing to stop Islam from steamrolling us. I feel so horribly knowing that America will not survive the Muslim onslaught if it continues to do nothing. We are watching Europe succumb through inaction. We will suffer a similar fate unless we take the present threat seriously and realize that is worthwhile to fight. If the United States does not prevail, the world will become oppressive and hellish for everyone but the few Arab elites, and even they will not always be safe from the radical lunatics. If the radicals should prevail, I shudder to imagine the consequences. The world we know today will certainly plunge into the Dark Ages again, if not worse. This speaks nothing of what may arise should Iran make good on its desire to incite a nuclear holocaust. I wonder why the US has stopped shipments of armaments to Israel. What will weakening Israel accomplish? Should Israel still depend on the US as a friend and ally? It is becoming apparent that the vaunted United States is turning against Israel for its own lack of fortitude. Jews are culpable too. I am unhinged by those Jews who lack faith, who choose secularism over Judaism, who assimilate, who deny Israel, and who are passive and complacent. Oh, strong Jews of old, where have you gone? The behavior of Israel sickens me too. What has happened to the soul of Ahavat Erez Yisrael? It has been replaced with secularism and a decline in patriotism. Israel has forgotten the value of its turbulent history. And the poster child for this degeneration is Ehud Olmert. If his words ring true, then Israelis have indeed lost their will to persevere. They, under these circumstances, are losing their right to the ancient land of Israel, and pathetic Israeli leadership appears intent on selling them and Israel down the river. Israel is lonely. Does Israel need to find new friends? Definitely not! First, Israelis must befriend one another. They must rediscover national unity. Then, nations will be seeking Israel's friendship and leadership out of respect rather than mock sympathy and self-interest. Israel must now show concern for its mere survival. Without Israel and with rising anti-Semitism, Jews may not find safe places to hide as they have done in the past. The **Yiddish song “Tell Me Where Shall I Go” that was written prior to the establishment of the State of Israel should be given more weight now. The devil is at play with humanity, and survival is at stake. Friends, the current state of world affairs is truly nauseating. While I may be feeling ill now, everyone will sicken if things continue as is. The goal of war, in which we are certainly engaged, is to have the enemy lose more of its soldiers for their country than us. Fighting for survival requires us to destroy our enemy. We did not start this war. We are being blamed for the failings of the Muslim world. We are under constant attack, whether we like it or not, and we are taking more casualties than we are inflicting. Fighting for others and for myself by myself is a daunting challenge. Walking through the darkness is much harder by one’s self than with friends. I sincerely hope that more people will wake up to the dangers all around us and see fit to join me in our fight for survival. **http://digital.library.upenn.edu/webbin/freedman/lookupartist?hr=&what=3822 Subject: Hope/Statehood/Home Genre: Zionist/Holocaust Click: Author: Fuld, Leo -- פֿולד, לעאָ Author: Miller, Sonny Composer: Strok, Oscar -- סטראָק, אָסקאַר Composer: Berland, Sigmunt First line: Tell me, where shall I go, there's no place I can see First line:װוּ אַהין זאָל איך גײן, װער קען ענטפֿערן מיר, װוּ אַהין זאָל איך... Language: Yiddish/English
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