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Tuesday, 23 January 2007


renaud sarda (taieb(i)
Shalom, My mother is a Taieb(i) (delicate/good) from the what's left and hidden Algerian Sephardic Jewish community of Saida (a Western town of Algeria) near Tlemcen which used to be the Jewish capital of Algeria. we were barred from having Jewish/Berber surnames. My late father was a Jewish/Berber (Gacem-Cacham), he was a French passport holder who refused to live Algeria in 1962. I have 5 sisters; 1 who is a British citizen and lives in London, she is married with 2 grown up children-2 who are French citizens and lives in Paris with young children -1 sister in Tunis 1 still living in Algeria with my mother ( we are hoping to secure their passage to freedom soon)-1 brother who is French citizen, he is married with a child in and lives in Toulouse, as for me; I live in Paisley, Scotland with my son, too many cousins to add. Algeria after 1962 become a no go area for Jews. Those who were lucky and took up the French nationality left to France in 1962. I am/ We are looking for help to find from anyone on how to get my family (in secret)from out of Algeria to immigrate to our Promised Land. we are desperate to rediscover our Judaism, our Jewish Sepharadic culture, and learn again our Hebrew language. I have already taking steps to registered my family tree with various organisations in Israel and France. Amicalement Renaud
aaron silverstein
we jews should biuld a man made island over by haweii ...and make it a jewish state
Aaron: Shimon Peres once sugggested artificial islands. "Israel should stop investing in [Judea] and Samaria and build artificial islands in the Mediterranean instead..." I kid you not: http://bokertov.typepad.com/btb/2007/04/from_club_med_g.html

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