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Friday, 29 June 2007


This is not the first time the American media has abused Frimet and Arnold Roth in connection with the death of their 15-year old daughter Malki. The Palestinian terrorist who took credit for masterminding her murder and those of 65 others was the subject of a CBS “60 Minutes” program in 2006. If your heart is not already broken by Yael’s post, it will be by the Roth’s Open Letter in response to that interview, which you can read here: http://thisongoingwar.blogspot.com/2007/04/10-apr-07.html. It would be nice, when you take the action of memory and compassion that Yael urges, that you note you heard about about them on an American blog, so the Roths not only know they are not alone, but that people 10,000 miles away care about them.
Note also this NYT writer of television reviews has his own "take" on the NeverEnding Arab War on Jews and Other Infidels. He writes: "These enemies know each other absurdly well. They learn from each other, and talk openly about doing so. Yet they can’t seem to break the cycle: a cat and mouse addicted to their own game." Shmuck.
Arnold Roth
My wife Frimet and I live private lives. We write and speak whenever we can because we have learned things from the death of our beautiful middle child. It's not presumptuous of us to want to teach people because it's not based on our being smarter than other people - we're not - but being affected more than other people. That's one of the things which the murder of your child by people of hate will do to you. Plainly there's little we can do in a direct fashion to the people who carried out the barbaric actions at the Sbarro restaurant and at hundreds and thousands of other sites, in Israel and beyond our borders. But there is a great deal we can do to point out to people how appalling is the role played by the reporters, the editors, the photographers, the producers and the spinners. Their passivity (at best) and agenda-driven activism (at worst) constitute one of the most serious threats to people who want to live decent lives. Your work here on this site is invaluable. We especially want to thank you for publicising our open letter, and for pointing people to the Keren Malki website (www.kerenmalki.org). Tizku lemitzvot!
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