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Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Condoleezza Rice in her “Keynote Address at the American Task Force on Palestine Inaugural Gala” on October 11, 2006: “I know that sometimes a Palestinian state living side by side in peace with Israel must seem like a very distant dream. But I know too, as a student of international history, that there are so many things that once seemed impossible that, after they happened, simply seemed inevitable. I've read over the last summer the biographies of America's Founding Fathers. By all rights, America, the United States of America, should never have come into being. We should never have survived our civil war. I should never have grown up in segregated Birmingham, Alabama to become the Secretary of State of the United States of America.”
J. Lichty
The comparison of Abu Mazen to MLK is profane and ironic. MLK (despite the urban legend of the letter to anti-zionist friend) was reputedly a staunch supporter of zionism and was very philo-semitic. Thank God Rice will be gone to her next career in the Saudi Foreign Ministry next year. What a disaster. Makes me wish Powell were still on the job.
She speaks for her boss.

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