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Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Friend, I'm not Jewish. And I'm only slightly Christian. But I support Israel with heart and soul. Bear that in mind as you read the rest of what I have to say. I think Israel SHOULD abandon the West Bank as they did the Gaza Strip. At least up to the line where they put the wall. Let the palestinians experience the hell that they've been fighting so long to achieve. I'm not advocating that Israel should give up. In fact, I'm supportive of much more aggressive tactics, such as slamming mortar/rocket launchers even when they are right next to a school. I'm just saying that it's time to let the palestinians choose their own destiny. If they choose peace, it's all good. If they choose the short path to allah, also good.
I remember Tali Hatuel, pregnant with her four daughters, shot down in cold blood by terrorists at Gush Katif. I remember all that Israel has given up as they fight the people who want to see the jews pushed into the sea, alone, while everyone else is trying to find ways to play 'patty-cake' with them. The terrorist Yassar Arafat admitted that they will not stop...it is time the world woke up and realized the Israel today, just as it did in 1948, has the right to exist. The State Department is right, when it says that double standards are being applied, and that those double standards are anti-semitic. I would like to see Americans stop coddling terrorists...and I wonder if that will happen before we are forced to live under sharia law and are regretting the politically correct choices we made? Arafat the terrorist won the peace prize, before he died, proving that liberalism is a mental disorder.

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