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Thursday, 20 December 2007


Enjoying your blog on a daily basis.. Keep up your important efforts.
Mordechai Y. Scher
I am dumbfounded. The clear animosity and disrespect in the words and tone of those comments boggles my mind. Down here in Santa Fe we hear that Boulder is a groovy city. I don't think so...
Decades ago a machloykes took place in my parents' home. A friend and co-worker of my mother came over for coffee. She was a German Holocaust survivor. Somehow the topic of an eruv came up; she went ballistic, pounding her fist on the table, lurching forward with a stiffened back and an angry punim, she shouted her objections over and over. I couldn't figure it out - such vehemence and anger.
I am not Jewish, but a Christian. I do however respect Orthodox Jews' right to practice their religion. Most of these negative responses arise from the fact that people simply don't agree with Judaism, or the idea of devout religious observance in general. Whether you think this is just "ancient mythology," or whatever, has nothing to do with it. These people have a right to exercise their religion, so long as it does no harm to others. And I have a revelation for the poster "Doug," and others: In the First Amendment , where it says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion," it's not saying at all what you and other historical revisionists are trying to make of it. "Respecting" in the legal language of the 1700's didn't mean "giving respect to." It means "with respect to," or "in regards to." Congress can't make religious laws, or establish a religion. That's what it means. But in our liberal times, many people ignore the next clause, "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." They use the very law that was meant to protect religious freedom, and pervert it to restrict religious freedom. It's a travesty.
Home is where the string is
Ok, you mad fucking cunts, (I beg you forgive my past sins, oh merciful Lord), where do I sign up? I like sheep.
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