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Monday, 07 January 2008


Lori Lowenthal Marcus
What eloquence: serene, pristine, heartfelt and true, from Danny Dayan. His is a voice that should be heard and internalized at the very least by all Israeli and Diaspora Jews. Thank you for writing this post and bringing us Danny's voice.
Lori Lowenthal Marcus
Hmm...in rereading the piece I realize that it is Anne's writing I should have been praising: Dayan's quote was what spun off her magnificent explication. At least I realized my error before I sent off the piece to all 437 of my closest friends!
Excellent post. Israel gets falsely accused by those scoundrels on the left of being an apartheid state and yet the real practitioners of apartheid, the Arabs, not only get a free pass, but their racist practices are aided and abetted by the left.

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