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Monday, 24 March 2008


Yep, the truth is really coming out now about what REALLY goes on in black churches across America. Apparently Wright's crap is par for the course. Scary.
As a 61 year old babyboomer, and the son of Roosevelt worshiping "greatest generation" parents, I was always made aware of the plight of African-Americans (who, in the 50's we respectfuly refered to as Negroes). I clearly remember the turn-around in the 60's when "Black Power" took hold and all of the progress and accomplishments of the Jewish/Black union went out the window. I'm also an enthausiastic conspiracy theorist so I always felt that some Anti-semetic/Anti Civil -rights White Power was behind the rhetoric. I always wished I could find out where the people like Stockly Charmichael and other Black racists got thier "talking points.?"

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