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Wednesday, 19 March 2008


frum dem
you wanted bush, you got bush. Nita Lowey and the dems tried to hold off and stall that money as long as congress could.
To frum dem: at the 2004 Democrat convention, Jimmy (Israel = apartheid) Carter and Michael (3 things wrong with America: oil companies, Halliburton and Israel) Moore were honored; John Kerry refused to mention Israel in his acceptance speech for fear the audience would boo; greatest activist forces - MoveOn.org and Daily Kos, two 21st century Nazi groups. To bokertov: as a member - and now a "leader" - within the Republican Jewish Coalition, I have tried for months, without success, to get a response from this group about the Bush-Rice appeasement policies that cost Israeli and American lives: the funds, the ammunition, the pressure to abandon strategic crossings and to release prisoners, to allow terrorists to attack repeatedly with impunity. They are corrupt as Hades. McCain has praised Baker in the past, but he seems to be coming around, so I'm not switching - yet.
Yah, but how many bazillions of dollars does israel get? and theres like ten palestinians killed for every israeli. Pot. Kedttle. Black.

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