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Saturday, 24 May 2008


Kim Segar
How Pathetic and yet G-d says He is laughing. Knowing Islam has read scripture and I have no doubt they think they can wipe Israel off the map, by killing them. One other scripture says NOTHING will grow there unless the Jews are on the land. Anyone who tries to take the land from the Jews is evil and challenges G-d. I also know from scripture that the god of this world rules all gov. So many idiots still fawning over Bush. Psalms 83, plus all the prophecy in the Psalms lets us know all the land they took, will be back in Israel's hands soon, Isaiah 17 and many others lets us know that. For me, I will stand with Israel and the G-d of Israel forever..I see them as my family and their G-d is my G-d. Seeing Syria and Israel talking peace I think we all know then comes sudden destruction. For the US to think they are safe, one only has to look at what is happening as the big WINDS G-d promised along with food loss, disease and all is here..I just keep praying for the Peace as I know I am praying for Messiah to come.

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