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Wednesday, 07 May 2008


Shir Li
That was great!!!!! That is the Israel I grew up with as a kid in the USA!...strong, courageous, victorious, full of valor. We must all make that proclamation to the world...each one of us...whatever the reprecussions may be. I know YOU do!
fran foreman
What a statement!!! THE LAND BELONGS TO THE JEWS FOREVER. We pray everyday the "palistian state" fails. There are no palistians, they are all people from many arab countries who arafat brought into Israel so he would get world sympathy for the poor "palistians." It's about time the whimpy politicians in Israel stand up against all who are pushing for a pal. state, even the USA. Mark Twain called the land, now Israel, a swamp land in the 1920's. Look @ her now. God said, the land will belong to the Jews forever------FOREVER. Fran & Tom

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