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Friday, 27 June 2008


kim segar
It is years of overtime, this evil needs to be blown off the face of the earth.To try and make peace with the very ones G-d says He is going to destroy and even calls them His enemies? Good grief, rid Israel of them, quit feeding and aiding them.They are all liars and will continue to kill, steal and destroy the Holy Land and the Jews if you keep it up. Who can make a deal with the devil and win! G-d has warned NOT to give up the land, none of it !! He also commanded to have the evil man removed till you can see his arm no more. He tells you, don't depend on guns and wMD or the US or anyone. You do not need anything but the power of G-d Himself who tells you, when you make the stand, HE and All His Power will be with you. He will....just obey. I say it is overtime to get them off your land. Not one life is worth this bunch of devils. Now we have the US inviting the devils here, and they have infested our government even to putting one such evil in our white house!!!! letting them come over our borders with mexican names. And all the friends of this liar are all jihad and commie's, Islam! Their plan to hit on us when Israel has no choice but to do the Solomon Act..Why let it come to this. We could have all done away with this threat long ago and obeyed G-d. there are so many evil men in our government and the people are so blinded..as it is written. Israel and the US needs to ACT..and To wAKE up..do it today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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