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Monday, 30 June 2008


Shawarma Mayor
I agree 100%. It's a sad day. I wish someone would put a bullet into Kuntar's head before it's too late. He is still a young murderer and at 46 his career might be only at the beginning. I don't think anyone in Israel is willing to risk his own life to do so and I don't think anyone would release a Jewish murderer from Prison at age 46. I'm not a far right person - and I don't really advocate murder - this is just too frustrating.
Israel should institute the death penalty to avoid releasing murderers into public... that is, if Israel survives. On the path Israel is on, and has been on, I am not optimistic about her future.
It is time to really pray hard for Israel - and the entire Western world. I am horrified at release of Kuntar ( who will be feted like a hero) and the general weakness of the Israeli government. We stand at the edge of the abyss. The only actions that can save us are 1. To put our lives into the hands of the Almighty G-d ( pray Psalm83) and 2. Take very strong military action AS SOON AS POSSIBLE... The muslims are "on a roll" as we cave in to them on all fronts. Evil is taking over all over the world.
What's to say? The world does not care about us and we are imitating the world.

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