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Sunday, 21 September 2008


Shalom Anne, Every time the Jews have been defeated, it has been because of quislings within our own ranks. The Romans conquered Judea only because the Maccabees allowed a group of urban 'modern' hellenized Jewish quislings who collaborated with the Selucids to survive, and they became the wedge the Romans used to conquer the country. The most dangerous anti-Semite in America today is undoubtedly George Soros, who was born a halachic Jew ( as was Torqemada). And as far as Israel is concerned, groups like J Street, Peace Now, The New Israel Policy Forum and others like them have caused immeasurable harm, and one of the founders of the ISM was Adam Shapiro, a halachic Jew from Brooklyn. My point is that the idea of concensus is a chimera, sadly, because there simply are a number of Jews who, strictly speaking, don't have Judaism as their religion any more. They now practice Leftism, THAT's their religion and that new religion is infinitely more important to them than any vestige of Judaisim they might have left. Rather than concensus, I simply think that we must strive for a clear deleanation of principles and have no hesitation in clearly letting these people know that they do not speak for us, that we do not support them and that we do not consider their opinions valid or motivated by good will. We could take a lesson from our black brothers and sisters here...they seem to have no problem with letting members of their tribe know when they've stepped out of bounds. Concensus is like 'bi-partisanship' - a myth that requires the more pricipled side to compromise on its principles. Don't misunderstand me..I'm not endorsing a lockstep in behavior here, nor do I expect everybody to agree with me, or that I'm perfect (especially during Elul!). But I am saying that here are certain lines that need to be drawn and that some things you simply can't compromise on to make nice. And yes, I too pray that it will some day be different. Sorry to be so long winded... B'Shalom, Robert@JoshuaPundit

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