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Monday, 29 December 2008


Kae Gregory
I recall though that during the election, he managed to demonstrate an impressive level of chutzpah, insisting that he had never said things that he clearly had or by insisting that his words were taken out of context. If memory serves, quite a number of friends, family and associates wound up under his bus after his never having said something or other. None-the-less, impressive brinksmanship by Barak, but I don't think that Barack would be embarrassed in the least about going back on his statement. He certainly won't be held to it by the press. We'll know soon enough.
Kae is right. Immediate to the point: I remember Obama saying that Jerusalem must remain undivided at an AIPAC meeting (clearly with an AIPAC-type meaning), only to say the on next day that he was merely talking about the security fence.

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