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Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Don't you know? Haven't you figured it out yet? The "Roadmap" is the PLO's "Phased Plan" , repackaged for a Western public. " According to the Phased Plan we will establish a Palestinian state anywhere that the enemy will retreat from. The establishment of the Palestinian state in the West Bank, with it's capital in East Jerusalem is but a 'stage'. After which there will be other 'stages.' Every Palestinian must know that the rise of the Palestinian state in the West Bank with it's capital in East Jerusalem, is but a stage. After which we will proceed to establish the democratic state of Palestine in 'all' of Palestine."-Abu Iyad [member of Fatah]. You can find that statement of his on Itamar Marcus Palestinian Media Watch [pmw.org.il] The establishment of a Palestinian state in Israel's land of Judea and Samaria is the first major 'stage' or 'phase' of the PLO's Phased Plan. Remember when Abbas said, "Now we are opposed to armed struggle because we are unable, but in the future 'stages', things may be different."-Abbas That's why Arafat, Abbas, Erekat, and the rest of their ilk signed on to the "Roadmap", because they saw how it fit in with their own Phased Plan.
Well, let's see then. We have the road map which is their Phased Plan and we have the Annapolis process which is the Saudi Plan (for Israel's destruction). Not much to choose from. Sure could use some Hope and Change right about now. Lucky us, it's just around the corner.

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