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Thursday, 25 December 2008


No Ma'am, it's worse than that. By saying that it's "their rock-n-roll, their long hair, their love beads," and that they "have accepted Islam as an agent of *change*" (as though they have not been disciples of that false prophet for 1300 years already), THE NYT IS ACTIVELY *PREACHING* mOHAMMEDEANISM, *HERE* IN THE UNITED STATES. Don't they say that being a rebel, and working for some unspecified "change" is a good thing? Hasn't that theme been crammed down everybody's throats during this last election cycle for the last year--in the United States? And so, very subtily, that religion being touted as somehow "rebellious," and an "agent of change," in a manner that is intended for an American audience. How do you spell "barack HUSSEIN obama" as in, "we need to repair our image with the islamic world?" And well lo-and-behold, the grey harlot (a.k.a., the new york times) has also began to come out against coal, which is yet *another* point in al-barack obama's agenda.

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