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Wednesday, 31 December 2008


This was included in the latest round up of news and info about Gaza.
sure is frightening
arnie draiman
thank you for making this public. it is going on my facebook entry right away. arnie dramian www.draimanconsulting.com
Mickey Oberman
LOOK AMERICA! Is this the America you want? Is this the American dream? This is the fatal disease that is infecting all of western civilization today. Before it is too late it must be totally eradicated. The longer we wait the more difficult its erasure will be. These despicable, bloodthirsty, irrational successors of Naziism must be sent back to the festering countries where their hateful philosophy originated.
The plan of Islam to take over the world with its insidious hatred emanating from its evil book, has been going for years in Europe. England, Holland, Sweden and other countries are infested with these evil people hiding behind the title "religion of peace". This is very far from the truth. America beware. You have let the enemy enter whilst you keep real workers out. Send these people back NOW or pay the consequences.
David Milstein
Can the Palestinians list 25 improvements they have made to better this world? With their over populated majority, can they match the progress Israel has contributed and the Palestinians are using to better their health and technology?
David Milstein
Can the Palestinians list 25 improvements they have made to better this world? With their over populated majority, can they match the progress Israel has contributed and the Palestinians are using to better their health and technology?
The USA is so screwed, if this does not let PC Americans and Canadians realise just how dangerous their North American predicament has become, they are not only blind but insidiously stupid. Tolerance does not make for peace; it allows time for distention and indoctrination to spread. While PC servility creates euphoria among its proponents it affords cancerous militant agenda the opportunity to spread like a plague. Whether this concerns or disturbs you now or not, if it is not tempered and eradicated fast it will destroy North America within the next 30 years. The US constitution was never written with the intent to allow this vile paradox to be its final outcome, its sole intent was for they whom were intent on living by its very philosophy to live in a state of peace, as was the right to bare arms, intended so that those who live by its philosophy, to do what ever is necessary to defend its freedoms and existence. Being a muslim was and is not about a religion of peace, it’s very existence is a culture of hatred and zealot domination with forced indoctrination, this is the legacy and the future that PC liberalism already bestows on its children and decedents.
Zionist in Miami
It's not as dramatic as it seems. Jewish kids were out celebrating New Year's Eve. There is a rally on Sunday in front of the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach at 11:OOAM. For this reason it wasn't as important to attend this as a counter-rally. Additionally, who knew it was even taking place? I certainly didn't. Am Yisrael Chai! Godspeed to the IDF!
Zionist in Miami
Just watched the video dated December 30. No NYE excuse for not being there in numbers but perhaps it wasn't well publicized. Don't worry about Sunday. There will be a great showing. I'll have my camera rolling.
I live in South Florida and did not see this on the evening news or in the newspaper the following day. 1. I'd like a photo of the Arab lady who shouted about the oven posted on the Web for all to remember her face. I was shocked to hear her comments. What an ugly human being. Just what our country needs, people from other countries who are full of anger and hate living here ! Lady, you are one sad soul. 2. It appeared that the Arab protesters spent less time focusing on the issue at hand and more time shouting cruise words and slurs at the Jewish protesters. What a group. Is that part of the faith that the Islamic holy one was talking about that we should all come to know? If so , no thank you sir.
Ugliness, yes. The individual raging delutional suicide 'martyr' AND the instutional Israeli bombing butchers. And the sad, tired racism on both sides, several generations removed from having been family. If 'religious' people would work for peace instead of praying (to their ego and petty tribe), we might actially get results worthy of the future.
Israel  Schwartz, from Tel Aviv, Israel
Today they are demonstrating, while waving with their false and venomous slogans ,against Israel,Judaism and the U.S.A. Tomorrow they will shout IN AMERICA: "Juden raus!"( in German: "Jews out!" ). That's how Nazism started in 1933 in Germany, and that's how presently the Islamo Nazi Terrorism supporters are raising now their heads in... the U.S.A. Soon they'll shout: "Americans out!". They've almost Islamized Europe. Is America's turn next ? Did America forget who stood behind "Nine Eleven" ? Who is supporting the "Taliban", Benladen, Ahmadinigad ? How dare these darkened monstrous Islamic terror supporters demonstrate inside the world fortress of democracy and enlightness? Where are the American patriots ? Where is the Jewish majority ? This "Islamic Trojan Horse" must be thrown out of the U.S.immediately if Democracy and Freedom are still the United States of America's foundations !.
Michelle Nevada
B"H I am hoping and praying that Homeland Security has the photos, names, and addresses of these people. Obviously we have let in Hamas members and sympathizers who should be carefully watched. They are yelling "free palestine." What more "free" do they want? We left Gaza. The only Jew left there is the one they kidnapped. We left them greenhouses and farmland and they destroyed them. We built factories on the border to employ them and they destroyed them. We tried to provide opportunities for free trade with them, and they used those opportunities to import bombs and guns. The people of Gaza elected a terrorist organization, and now they complain? Please. We have done it your way, you nutcase wackos. Now, we do it our way. Because arabs only understand violence and intimidation, we must be violent and intimidate. This is not our choice, it is yours. You don't respect or honor kindness and opportunity. You only understand violence. Fine. If you need to fear us in order for us to get peace, we won't stop until you fear us. If that takes extraordinary means, so be it.
Golda Meir summed up the Palestinian frame of mind when she said that when the Palestinians learn to love their children more than they hate the jews, that's when there will be peace. I'm convinced that "fundamentalism" of any sort fosters ignorance and hate and leads to the conflicts that now exist all over the World. It's not just fundamental aspects of Islam and Jewdiasm who instill hate among their masses. Look around the world and where there is conflict, war, and chaos - there is the tribal mentality of us vs. them. It has spread like a "cancer" among many groups, including the GOP and the dems. We marginalize others so we can feel good about ourselves. The change we seek starts with each and every one of us. Until then.. we are doomed to repeat atrocities until we either wise up or become extinct.
Shalom to all, Einstein said that Darkness does not exist it is the lack of light. To end darkness of those extreme people we MUST increase the Good God and Peace. I sent this story to all my friend and clients. You can read and share it It's on my Mortgage blog www.loans-4-u.com/blog (nothing to do with mortgages) just click on the link "is there darkness" Also here is a link for a happy new year from Israel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yoi-H5FA5WU Best regards Racheli www.loans-4-u.com
In reference to those above on the issues of current world conflicts, please take note, there is not a single conflict any wares on the planet that is not directly related to Islamic fundamentalism and intent of world domination. The religion has not been hijacked and its actions are not just the actions of a minority as all profess; it’s the despicable culture and indoctrinated way of life approved by its vast and silent majority, it is evil and in the process of re-evoking the ideals of Nazism and ultimately the Nazis final solution and will succeed if it is not destroyed completely. They will bring hell on earth
Perhaps the Palestinian supporters - should go after the real enemy of freedom for their people - the leadership of Hamas! Do they forget that "Palestine" was occupied by the Turks, then the British, then Jordon and Egypt. It is Israel that is the only country that is working to give them Independence that the Arabs themselves have denied them! Before the second intifada in 2000 - there was real progress for the common Palestinian - which was destroyed by their own leadership. So get real and get some honest forward thinking leaders.
Arnold S. Cohn
I have been a Jew for over 68 years and I can not support all of Israels Position. The basic position is sound. Its Israel's land but reacting so forcfull as Israel is to much. There are too many innocent people dying. None of it is right. There has to be a better way!
Rafael V. Rabinovich
I have no problem with Arabs holding "don't hit us back" protests abroad. I think Israel should support those rallies by sending some million or two additional Arabs from Yesha to join in those rallies abroad.
To Arnold S. Cohn, who said "There are too many innocent people dying...There has to be a better way." I would say 1. HAMAS is not innocent. 2. While you figure out what a "better way" might be, I am content knowing that the IDF is working to dismantle terrorist capabilities and infrastructure," as per the Road Map -- to which all parties (palestinians, Israel, US and UN) AGREED almost six years ago. http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2003/20062.htm
To Arnold Cohn: IDF's action is proportional as required by international law. "Proportional" doesn't mean that the number of people assaulted and killed have to be the same. It means that the action taken is reasonably necessary to stop the aggression. If you claim that it is not, what would you recommend that would be necessary and sufficient to give the Israelis the freedom from further assaults they deserve.
Mike Thomp
I believe the sadistic lady who screamed out "you need a bigger oven" should first go to an American school to learn English properly, then secondly be expelled from this land for saying such a horrific statement. If they hate this country so much... LEAVE! None is forcing you to stay here... GET OUT and go back to your own hatred filled delusional countries that house such philosophies.
I believe Churchill said...All those who seek peace will get war. Those who seek war will get peace.. or words to that effect. All the time that Israel sits back and allows itself to be bombed, it will continue to be attacked. Israel seeks peace, and all it gets is war, and the Arabs consider them cowards. For Israel, read, the rest of the Western World. Are we cowards? Who do you see sending the Muslims back? Obama? Brown? They have too much political fear. The Muslims have no political fear. I wonder who it will take, to have the courage to actually fight for freedom in our own apparently peaceful lands? For fight, read, go to war. That's what it amounts to. The courage to fight, maybe lose a life, at a time when we have full bellies and warm beds.
Ken Jeffsries
I am a born again Christian, I am British and I am ashamed of what is happening in my country. How dare these jihadists come to my country and fill our people with their contemptious garbage, their religion is a religion of hate, bigotry, misogeny etc etc. I am a supporter of Isra'el and the Jewish people and in this country of mine if you support Isra'el or defend Jews you are called such names (names I cannot even put to paper,) but you know I do not care for YHWH said "those who bless you I will bless and those who curse you I will curse" SO BE IT - a curse upon all those who are against Isra'el for they are against God!! Wake up America, cut out that cancer that is among you, for we in Britain and Europe have failed to do so and are now reaping the results. Cut out the cancer of Islam out now, completely leave not a trace.
Frank Hemetek
We need to send these Idiots(Palestine) back to their own country or their caves. They should not be allowed in America. What have they contributed to America or to Gaza? They should be deported. What do they want? Israel is only the size of N.J. They are a bunch of terriorists.
Hank in Arizona
Fuck you rag-heads.
Bruce Brill
Here's the elusive solution to the entire mess: http://www.israpost.com/Community/articles/print.php?articleID=3307 http://web.israelinsider.com/bin/en.jsp?enDispWho=Views&enPage=ViewsPage&enDisplay=view&enInfolet=authorArchive.jsp&enDispWhat=Zone&enZone=Views&authorId=1036 http://www.jewishmag.com/84mag/humanitarian/humanitarian.htm
Shimi Weiss
It is amazing how people still blame Israel and say, "Why don't you make peace with the Palistinians?" Very simple... when you see the Palistinian supporters demonstrating, do you see them asking for peace? No, they are asking that Israel be nuked. Are they saying why can't we live side by side? No, they are screaming for us to be put into ovens. Watch the video closely... is there any sign that they would settle for peace with Israel or are they still, even now, promoting more violence against Israel?
If Christians protested abortion the way these hateful people protest Israel, we would all be arrested!
To Vicki, Born again Christian, who is British; I agree with you whole heartedly. I struggle to see/hear of the "innocent" that are killed in Gaza. How about the innocent in Israel? The enemy (Satan) is alive and well and fighting harder & harder as he knows that his time is coming to an end. We must stand strong in the Name of Jesus! He alone has defeated death! It is clear to me that Satan has blinded the many which helps me to understand the scripture that says: "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it."(Matthew 7:13-14. John 3:15-16 says; "that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, (Jesus), that whoever believs in Him should not perish but have everlasting life". Those who call on the name of "Allah" are not calling on the name of God, the Father of Jesus. The gate is NARROW, and we must pray that the veil is removed from the eyes of all who turn away from Jesus Christ - the Savior of ALL who will receive Him! Praise God!!!
Thats the result when you give away land, when you chase hundreds of families out of gush. Israel brought it on themslfes. sorry.
SHUVA (Return)
BS'D AMERICAN JEWS ARE IN DANGER!!! Countless neo-nazi and white supremist groups are seeking to make Jews the scapegoat for economic and racial problems in the United States!!! ( See website:www.shuva.net)
I'm thinking of buying some very cheap junky shoes or else bringing old shoes I don't wear anymore to throw at protesters and speakers who make anti-Israel and anti-Jewish statements. In Arabic and Muslim culture throwing a show is a great insult. I would love to throw a shoe at the bitch who said "Go back to the ovens."
Concerning Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA --- "Father, forgive them. They know not what they do." Pray for the Lord, our Father to their hearts. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
Concerning Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA --- "Father, forgive them. They know not what they do." Pray for the Lord, our Father to change their hearts. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
A E Friedman
I like your site. Put me on your list. The pacifists are doing their best to appease. Appeasers NEVER win with an implaccable foe. Chamberline lives!
at about 5:55 into the second video, the Muslim "leader" makes a comment to the effect that they want to explain and educate people about the beauty of Islam, because, "once people understand it, they WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO FOLLOW IT." no sale, dude... that's why i oppose your actions, just like that "go get a bigger oven" bitch makes me ashamed that vermin like her have been allowed into my wonderful country.
Please remove what has been written above. If it is written in my name it is not what I wrote to you. This is dishonest and scandalous.
Ace & Carolyn Overton
Peacful religion??????? President Bush, Give me a break!!!!! Listen to them as they march in our streets. Perhaps they should all be put on a flight to the countries they support. I am saddened by what I see and hear. PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JER-USA-LEM.
ha..ha..ha...they 've done to my country too!!! (indonesia) thousands of the stupid people protested in many cities in my country. they've blinded with false prophet!They believe their holy quran which said that david,moses are the prophets...are they jewish??? y they're jewish...why now they hate israel so much?? it proves that they really dont understand what they believe...!!!! they make islamic law in many cities in my country??? beware of them!! islamic invation over the world.
How pathetic you are.. Everyone is antisemite if he rise his voice against Israel crimes, and then in every comments there is so much antiislamic and antimuslim notes that is horrible to read. You people, are bigger nazis than those who killed millions of your people. Its not just sad, it's freaking unbelieaveble.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuF6gNtk_RI this link is from Lawrence Kansas, Muslims take to the streets in smalltown Kansas against Israel, and they had they hippies with them.
Concerned for South Florida
The time is here now, for the world to stop, think and listen to each others problems. People, Religions and Governments must learn the art of control for each other or we all will suffer and repeat history with mass destruction, if we do not help Muslims & Jewish people find peace in Ft lauderdale and the rest of the world it will spread like cancer. Anger and pride will limit ones ability and will to reason with each other. Ft Lauderdale needs help: 1. Workshops of understanding each others Religion must be established immediately to find a solution to living in peace, This is America we need to show respect to all citizens and help them before anger has taken total control. 2. Inner pain must be discussed in a way to release it in a controlled manner so the healing process can start or one will never feel free from it. 3. Prejudice and Racism can be cured when carried out in the proper manner with respect and concern for each other. 4. A meeting room needs to be established and bring in small equal groups of Jewish, Palestinian Muslims, African Americans and Americans and a mediator to allow all sides to express there inner feelings and start the healing process to freedom within and clear up misunderstandings, differences. The mediator must fully understand or have walked in the shoes of Prejudice and Racism and healed to offer the best mediation. I was Racist against African Americans growing up in Jacksonville going to High School in the 70s with race fights every day but, that was not where I learned Racism, think about that, the fights I went through did not have near the effect as you would think. The greatest effect was my parents my grandfather was in the KKK in Georgia on my Mothers side and my grandfather on my Fathers side was a vigilante in Texas and I never even met them But if I had they would have had a huge influence on me. But my grand parents handed down racism to my parents. I was told not to date African American girls in school. There was this one African girl that was beautiful and she liked me, now you talk about a battle in side, she was beautiful and every where I went I saw her but, I new my Dad would kill me and my friends would really beat me up but, inside I loved her silently. Years went by and I moved to Ft Lauderdale and met this beautiful lady and we started going out and on the third date I asked what part of Cuba are you from because of my redneck way of thinking everybody was from Cuba right, O no she was from Iran, O hell no I had gone and done it again, I was supposed to hate Iranians because of TV in the 80s and because my Dad told me so. At this point I was in love just like before but, I was 350 miles away I had no friends I had just moved to Ft Lauderdale and it was just me and this Beautiful Iranian lady. O my God the food from Iran is fantastic. I hate to say it But, it beats Moms fried chicken and the dancing was woo!!!! I tell you what this was one happy redneck. Years go by. But, I still had racist feelings and I thought I had over come that because I love an Iranian now and that should fix me. But, see she was light skin tone heck I thought she was Cuban for three days. We married for 7 years and we wanted to have a child but, I felt helpless in a way that is hard to explain you see I didn't want my child to grow up Racist. Then my wife told me that her Religion was giving classes on Racism and how to over come it. It was called Institute for the Healing of Racism and I started going and after several meetings I got it. It was about releasing the hate and understanding the differences of others and respect what they have been and what they are going through. All of a sudden I start to see what African Americans are going through. 1 example: was at a check out counter at a store the older white man was unaware of his manner in which he treated her and it was so strange as he was doing this she was upset with him and I being behind her could not help but answer the way she felt, wile she is arguing I whispered in her ear he is totally unaware of what he is doing right she turned and said yea! he through your credit card to you instead of handing it to you she said yea! this happens to me all the time. As we were walking out the store I said there are several types of racism unaware, Institutional, direct Racism and more and she felt so good that someone cared for her feelings and understood what she was going through, she said it made her day. It all starts buy understanding what the other people feel inside. I have seen African Americans scream at the top of there lungs releasing the pain inside of years trips to the store, and much more and It was so painful just to watch the release that everyone cried this is the healing process taking place, self healing with the help of others. I was married for 7 years before I became a Bahai and my wife did not once ask me to join she said my only duty as a Bahai is to explain the faith to you, its up to you to take the next step. But when I came home from the meeting and said I ready I want to be a Bahai I thought she was going to pick me up with joy and she is a little lady. Ft Lauderdale changed me because of the diverse people that live there I always asked where everyone was from and found that people were from every Country of the world at that was the fantastic thing about South Florida you could dance with the Cubans at Bayside in Miami, Russians on South Beach, Art shows on Las Olas any where you went you could meet nice people from another country. I understand the pain both sides own, there is an option and it is not killing or fighting it takes understanding in a controlled environment to allow each individual to completely express him or herself to the point all understand the inner feeling of what they are going through with a mediator that can see, feel, care for all there wounds to begin to heal. Ft Lauderdale, South Florida offers a Flower Garden variety of people from around the world and I hope and pray for the Muslim and Jewish believers to find release in there heart to see the faces and the differences them in a new way. You need freedom within. When my son was seven I asked what did he see different in Givon his friend, he said his hair is short and curly and his skin is dark, I said what else he said he is fun to play with Dad, the cycle was broken from KKK to sleeping in our home as friends. 3 generations and the cycle is broken. Don't expect speed healing is slow be patent. Story of Truth It was thanksgiving and the Daughter was curios and goes to her Mother and ask, why do you cut the ends of the ham off like that, Mom replied, I don't know your Grandmother always did so go ask her and the Daughter said Grandma why do you cut the ends of the ham off like that and Grandma said you know darling I'm not sure why but, your Great Grandmother is in the living room I bet she could tell you. Now finally the Daughter ask Great Grandma why do you cut the ends of the ends of the ham off and she looked at her with a gentle smile and said, honey I didn't have a pot big enough to fit the ham so I had to make do and cut both ends to make it fit. We do things from habit and handed down ways of life that are not always fully questioned, only followed. I understand my parents know a lot better and I love them more for the way they have change as well as the way I have changed and most of all I am so lucky that my Bahai Iranian wife came into my life to show me you don't have to cut the ends of the ham I am hear for you Du said da am. Koda'ha'fis
had another protest today. jan 08, 2009. same place. this time more pro-israel supporters showed up then anti-occupation!
I like to meet this animal who suggested bigger ovens for jews.please let me personaly talk to her.I am a holocaust surviver and I tasted Hitlers atrocities. she don't no the meaning what this means. She doesn't understand that the time is very short for her to express her feelings openly in a free country.If she will wait for the Muslim to take over this beautiful country. then she will not be able to speak so freely.For her information Israel is here to stay for now and for ever.
To hell with these sand niggers. I wish them death.
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The United States is such a thread, if it doesn't let PC americans and canadians realized how much they North America has become a dangerous predicament, they not only is blind but insidiously stupid. Tolerance will not make peace; It allows time dilation and enlightenment spread. And PC servility to create its supporters of between exciting this bring carcinoma radical agenda the opportunity to spread like the plague.
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