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Thursday, 15 January 2009


Anonymous MD
can you please verify the source of this list? I clicked on the link, but it doesn't exist.
US Medical Student
As a US medical student who signed this petition, I can assure you that I consider Hamas nothing but a terrorist organization that should be condemned for its terrorist actions and unforgivable rhetoric against the Jewish people. However it is my belief that the civilian loss of life, and the inability of these civilians to flee anywhere during this conflict, has created a humanitarian crisis of such proportions that a strong statement calling for it to end was required. As Americans we understand what it is like to have the rest of the world condemn you when you strike out against terrorists who seek to destroy you just because of who you are and where you live. But supporting Israel's right to protect itself does not mean that ANY course of action trying to meet these ends is justified.
Anonymous2 MD
God himself tempers justice with mercy. The only way to show that Israel is better than Hamas is to allow the Red Cross to tend to the innocent Palestinian civilians (including women and newly-orphaned children) who have been caught in the crossfire. Please show the world that Israel is fighting a just war against terrorism instead of just striking out in blind rage against all Palestinians, terrorists and innocent civilians alike.
I signed this petition too and you have done nothing but twist the truth. Nowhere in the petition does it state any type of support to Hamas. I am a big opponent of Hamas, but I strongly condemn the despicable violence that Israel has committed against so many innocent people as well. For you to publish the names of the people who signed this petition is fair (as it was a public petition), but for you to twist the truth to make it seem that the signatories supported Hamas is propagandisitc and a lie. And to then extend that to mean that we wouldn't treat Jewish patients and that we are all Muslims makes no sense to me. I am JEWISH (very religious actually) and there is nothing wrong with criticizing Israel and HAMAS for committing violence against civilian populations. Go ahead, publish the petition and let the world see your lies.
Recent MD
I am a recent graduate of medical school and a concerned global citizen. I feel like this is a completely inaccurate portrayal of the intention behind the original petition. In fact, the assertion you make about these students: "If they have no problem with Islamic terrorists brutally murdering innocent civilians, imagine what they have no prob doing to your body." This couldn't be further than the truth, most students who signed on to this petition did so because they believed in upholding human rights and preserving human lives. (Not the contrary as you suggest). By simplifying this and vilifying these people, you are essentially perpetuating a toxic and harmful dynamic and spreading slanderous, counter-productive energy. As a Muslim myself, I find it tragic that you paint all Muslims in this negative extremist light. In good faith, many Muslims and Jews are standing side by side hoping for a peaceful solution between Palestine and Israel. Rest assured that we as physicians enter this field with honor and a sense of duty to do no harm to any patient, regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality, or orientation.
I am a Catholic and signed this petition because the Israelis were denying aid to war-ravaged civilians in Palestine. In the Bible the greatest commandments are to love God and to love your neighbour as yourself. The Israelis could have taken that aid, donated by those of us around the world, and fed, clothed and provided first- aid to the women and children who suffer the most in conflict, showing that God, who is love, is all things. To pre-empt any of your further slanderous claims, instead of preventing any misappropriation of those resources to soldiers, in illegal support of war activities, Israeli statesman could have set an example for the rest of the world by providing care to inncocent people. Those who are also held hostage by rebels who launch rockets in frustration against curfews, shortages of gas, etc. imposed on them by a government that was inserted there after WWII. Instead of acting as a polarizing force, oversimplifying what is truly a complex history, I would urge you to reconsider your understanding of what this petition means. Further, such comments such as "open supporters of hamas" are considered libel.

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