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Thursday, 15 January 2009


herb glatter
in my experience it's never gonna happen. while in Chicago i became aware of "Not in my name" Jews (spit) opposed to Israeli presence on West Bank and in Gaza. they had obtained a permit from the city to demonstrate every Sunday on Michigan Avenue in a park near the Water Tower and a busy thoroughfare. they had prepared large posters with maps covered in plastic because Heaven forbid they would be marred in the event of inclement weather. when i approached one of our coreligionists and asked:"do you know the harm you are doing to our people?" she opened a toilet of a mouth, "how dare you, i am a daughter of Holocaust survivors......" i knew i was beating a dead horse, feeling depressed i noticed an American and Israeli flag on the corner along with four gray haired real Jews handing out flyers, so i stood with them for a while. it was Ariel Sharon who said:"the most discouraging thing is the disunity of the Jewish people." i keep hoping he will wake up.

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