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Friday, 09 January 2009


I’ll say it anyway: It is not all Americans! To be more precise, it is muslims living in the US, Norway, Italy, France … and Israel (and an occasional anti-Semite here and there). Arabs countries and their muslim brethren do not count. Muslims are not the gauge of decency or goodness in the world. It is their nature to wage jihad against infidels. I’d not blame them any more for murdering infidels than I would accuse a hyena for going after prey. We just have to deal with them, and that is exactly what the IDF is doing in Gaza. That is exactly what the US military is doing all around the world. Good hunting boys and girls. People of the world are waking up. Have no doubt about it. I’m delighted to see the savages ranting and raving, because they show their true colors. Hating Cliff Richard isn’t going to win the day. As to the misguided Jews, I will never comprehend their reasoning. Regardless, Israel will live forever. There are enough of us, and we are and will be in control. Eize yom yafe hayom?
Am Yisrael Chai Joshua 1:9
"It's not that I don't appreciate good Americans, it's just that there aren't very many and they're not in control of anything. . ."
mark johnson
I have to agree and i'm a disabled veteran here in America. I fought in Iraq for 13 months. I hope Israel sees that we Christians are losing the fight here at home politically. We will see where Americans stand this november. If we vote out the democrates(Anti-Israel party) then there may be hope, if not one can only hope the dry bones(Israel) of Ezekiel 37 will be fulfilled. Since they came together in 1948 I hope it's not long now. I'll fight for Israel any day and i'm not a Jew. God Bless Israel!

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