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Sunday, 01 March 2009


Comrade Tovya
This is why I quit being a political lobbyist in Washington. The entire process is a ridiculous sham. I used to be an idealist, and I had so much respect for so many different politicians, and then I met them face-to-face--and away from the spotlight, they're arrogant, lying jerks. It's a shame really. The biggest lesson I learned is that the "pro-Israel" politicians largely aren't really that. It's a front. I can't think of how many times when I protested a transfer of tax dollars to the PLO, I would be rebuked with, "be realistic!" Well after all these years, I am realistic now--the whole illusion Israel-friendship is a fraud. And that's the truth.
Kae Gregory
A total of almost $5 billion dollars has been pledged at the 'Donor Conference'. The world is paying Palestinians to 1) Continue terrorism, 2)Continue frustrating Israel by any means possible, 3) Continue to proffer to the world the fake image of an oppressed, dominated nationality, and 4) Continue to be the poster child for successful Jew hatred to the rest of the world. G-d help me but I'm having a very hard time repressing these wishes for ill toward some people.

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