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Thursday, 19 March 2009


irene diamond
not at all sure why you are so worried, please explain. I l currently ive in Israel where as you know there is mandatory national service and the only two nations in the world that provide light to the rest are the U.S. and Israel so I really want to know your worries. My sense is it may have something to do with some fears about Obama.. no he is not the messiah and does not pretend to be, however I do believe he and his family are profoundly transformatory and are an element in the process of redemption....he signals the post-political era that we are in even through he manifested in the political arena
Irene, IMHO, there is only ONE nation in the world that could "provide light," as you call it. The US is unrecognizable these days, having nothing whatsoever to do with all that came before. Yes, he is "profoundly transformatory." No doubt about that. The question is whether he intends to transform evil to good or good to evil. I'm obviously of the latter opinion.
Well with Jay going off the air and I having no interest in watching Conan (the red hair creeps me the f out) I think I am going to turn to the online world to watch shows now. This is one of my faves to watch http://jacehall.tv...too bad it's only once a week, though.

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