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Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Shalom, I have been a reader of you blog for a couple of years and will really miss your insights. I agree with your view of the media and it’s bias, but I disagree with your dire predictions for the USA. Yes its dark now, but we have always been a strong, resilient and determined people and I believe we will overcome this challenge too. Remember we were able to get rid of Carter after only one term. Good luck in whatever you do. MichaeL Mint Hill, NC Am yisroel chai!!!
Debbie Schlussel
Anne: Good luck. But you should reconsider. You do good work. DS
Madelyn Steele
I'm sorry to be losing your contributions.. I agree with DS: you do good work. I also believe that we are fighting an overwhelming battle and that we need all the "warriors" now more than ever. I think you are one of them, and hope to see you back soon. Best to you and yours. MS
I've read your blog for years now and will miss it. I think you predictions are sadly right on but don't be disheartened! You may not be able to stop what's coming, but every person you have educated with this blog is a victory. Shalom and God bless you!
Don't let these dark times darken your pen. We need thoughts like yours more than ever now. I'll miss your writing.
Tom Glennon
As a reader, fan, sometime contributor and most importantly, as a friend; my heart ached as I read your words. Unlike some public figures who claim to "have a gift", I think you have both a gift and a vision that needs to have a voice. We do not do this not just for ourselves, but for our children and grand children. Todah Rabah for what you have done, and may Gd continue to hold you in the palm of His hand.
Sultan Knish
I recognize your pain and frustration, but sometimes things have to hit bottom, for people to wake up. 9/11 was a shock to the system. Obama is a shock to the system in a different, "It Can't Happen Here" kind of way. Things are bad yes, worse than most people realize... but it's a long way from over. The future isn't set, we each influence it in our own ways. And while what we do may not always be obvious in its effect, we cannot know the seeds we plant or the waves that grow from our thrown pebbles. Every voice that speaks for freedom, for what is right and true is a match set in hopes of lighting a greater fire. And your voice and blog have been important and remain important. We are not done yet. The day may come when we are, but that day is not yet here. I have had the temptation to quit many times myself, but I can't believe or accept that all hope is lost. I wish you good luck in whatever you do, to health, wealth and blessings in a sabbatical year.
Did you think you would save the world and every situation? Evil is evil and you cannot change that. What do did do, what you can do , what you should continue to do is warn those who can be gotten to and there are thousands. And if there is only one person who can glean something or find some safety or difference from your posts, it is well worth doing. Sometimes heros only can save one other person, but I am sure that one other knows how valuable that hero was in doing that job. Don't let evil defeat you and wear you down. A good fight is worth the blood , sweat and tears that go into it. Keep blogging for the sake of the unknown whose lives you touch with your words on a daily basis. The fight needs you and you will not know what good has come of what you do until that fight is over.
British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Saks at the Finchley Road Synagogue on Yom Haatzmaut 5765/2005: "All too often, in defense of Israel against defamation, we have had to stand alone. No people should be left to face hate alone. As Martin Luther King said, "In the end we will remember, not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends."
G-d bless you and thank you, I hope and pray we will hear more from you, while the world goes mad.
Please reconsider leaving us bereft........!!!! Maybe the evil one is telling you to "give up." We need every honest , brave voice there is....... Whatever....... May G-D bless and protect you and your family..
You're the best! I will miss reading your insights, but you have to do what you have to do. Many blessings on you and your family. If you're ever in Baltimore, look me up.

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