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Sunday, 29 November 2009


AJ Weberman
Were the couple married in a Christian Church or by a Imam? There are Palestinian Christians.
AJ Weberman
Turns out they were married in a Church.
Jo Ann Milligan
You would think that there would be some Americans who know/study both world history and the history of Islam. But why should America/Americans be any more aware or alert to the danger of Islam infiltration and domination than Europeans? Just several days ago Switzerland citizens voted against the building of any more mosques there, when the Moslems there already represent 8% of the population and have many mosques (at the high rate of births/woman, the percent will continue to rise). Bringing in foreign citizens, especially Moslems, to Europe to fill labor needs has been going on since the '60's and few, let alone any government, has restricted this or sounded an alarm. The founder of Islam, Mohammed, preached and used any means to achieve his ends of domination-territorial as well as religious. And that still is the objective of Islam and its adherents.

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