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Friday, 12 February 2010


And we know what "engagement" with this was called last time it happened, so we are not innocent about that either. Thank you for this wake-up call.
Mannie Sherberg
Yael -- thank you for this heartfelt -- and heartrending -- essay. A good many observers have remarked that our idiotically gentle treatment of the jihadists in our midst is attributable to political correctness. PC may have something to do with it, but -- in my opinion -- not very much. The real problem here is fear. Most of the West is scared stiff of these Islamist goons -- so scared that it's willing to look the other way, no matter how perverse the provocation. If we do not soon regain our courage, we are truly lost. No nation, and no civilization, can long survive when its leadership and its people cringe, cower, and crumble in the face of mortal threats. And yes, "simply" disrupting a speech is indeed a mortal threat. By the way, those of your readers who want to put all of this into context can do no better than read Robert Wistrich's new book (masterpiece, really) "A Lethal Obsession." It's a monumental tome (nearly 1,000 pages of text) that describes every form of Jew-hatred contrived by the mind of man. This long catalog of irrationality. derangement, and sheer evil may be disspiriting, but it's also necessary reading for all those who believe the survival of the Jewish people is inseparable from the survival of civilization. Wistrich -- like you -- writes with prophetic urgency. May Hashem bless both of you.
Walt Gottesman
It is worth mentioning that in spite of the numerous efforts by jihadists at UC Irvine to interrupt Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to the U.S., during his speech there, he persevered and finished his talk. It is also noteworthy that, according to reports, ten to twelve of the interrupters were arrested...... Oren is not only a diplomat, a distinguished historian, professor of history, and author, but he is also a military veteran. Like every soldier, from the lowest rank to the highest, he must know that courage is not the absence of fear, but perseverance in spite of fear...... In my opinion disbelief, in addition to fear, contributes to the denial that many people have toward jihadist threats. Who wants to believe that there are others, who don't even know us personally, who hate us? That disbelief leads to inaction and a kind of mental fog, a sleepiness from which we must awaken lest we remain in peril......
Kanwi Aussie
I empathise and agree with you. Your forthrightness, telling it as it should be is inspiring. Most people are apathetic by nature and need a shock awakening to remind them of the historical realities and so-called lessons of life. I wish I was 50 years younger so I could do more. Obama is in my view America's biggest mistake of the last 100 years so don't rely 100% on his support either. ...Kanwi

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