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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Wait a minute. I mised something here. Where are all the statistics from the British Mandate of Palestine and the Partition of Palestine. I'm just saying, things aren't so one-sided as you would like to believe.
Mannie Sherberg
I'm not sure what point Gary is trying to make. If he's saying that things were different under the British Mandate, and that then it was the Arabs who made all the concessions, he's dead wrong. Under the mandate, the Arabs, led by one of history's arch Jew-haters -- the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem -- never ceded an inch to the Jewish settlers. Instead, the Arabs -- they didn't call themselves Palestinians in those days -- conducted the jihad that continues to this day. The statistics on the number of murdered Jews and the amount of destroyed Jewish property would make a very long -- and a very grim -- list. In addition, the Brits themselves gave away to the Arabs well over 3/4 of the territory of the mandate promised to the Jews; that territory now comprises the Kingdom of Jordan. If Gary -- or anyone else -- thinks that this is Zionist propaganda -- he or she need only read any of the many standard histories of the British mandatory. The facts are grisly, the facts are depressing, and the facts are irrefutable. The Jews of Eretz Yisrael have been sacrificing for peace for a century; the Arabs have been carrying out the jihad -- or, if your prefer, since the two mean the same thing -- practicing the cult of death. As for the Obama administration, the president and Hillary and the entire staff of the State Department know perfectly well what the Israelis have done on behalf of peace -- and they know equally well that peace would come to the area tomorrow if the Palestinians truly wanted peace. For whatever malevolent reasons, the administration chooses to pretend that what it knows to be true is not true. Gary, things are not as one-sided as Yael would "like" to believe -- they are even MORE one-sided.
Regime Change
You are nothing but a bunch of terrorists. And now you think you can go Dissin our Prez. You think you can go dogging da U S of A. This is OBAMA Baby. O Bomb ya! You bet da Check it out. We are about to go Regime Change on you, that's right! We'll get off the gate! You think you can go messing around with the most important country on the earth with no consequences? This is O bomb Ya man. He is going to regime change you. USA, USA, USA. We will bomb you day and night. And then we will send our tanks in and kill you and you mama! Regime Change ya! It sucks to be you man! Now that you have messed with the Obaman! Israel don't forget. My Prez can pronounce Nuclear. Yeah, it sucks to be Israel man!
1 fearless1
When the United States forced Israel to give up Gaza The L rd G d was watching. The very day the last Jew left Gaza the Gulf Coast was visited by Katrina. Much of the area of destruction has not been rebuilt and many of those driven from their homes have not returned. Was this an act of nature or a small taste of JUDGEMENT?

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