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Sunday, 14 March 2010


Mannie Sherberg
Not all of us were fooled. During the 2000 campaign, many of us realized that this man's swagger and bombast and love of pomp were physical manifestations of something deeply troubling: a lust for power coupled with an implacable self-righteousness that augured danger ahead. Since then, many other voters have come to see the same thing; Obama's falling poll numbers are good evidence of that. Our problem now is not that many voters are still enchanted by this guy (although the true believers and hard-core Obama-addicts will always be with us) -- our problem is that we can't do much about our predicament until the November elections, and even then we'll have to endure two more years of a president who is himself enchanted with Islam and is averse to Jews. You say, Yael, that he craves power more than he hates Jews, and you may well be right about that. The problem is that he sees Jews -- both Israelis and American Jews who support Israel -- as obstructing his exercise of power, so the two things -- Jew-hatred and power-lust -- are inextricably linked. As long as there are Jews -- here or in Israel -- who love the state of Israel, then Obama's fantasy of remaking the Middle East will be unrealizable. All supporters of Israel are therefore to be considered stiff-necked so-and-so's and enemies. But it would be -- to use your term -- a grave error to assume that because he'll be the president until at least 2013, we are therefore helpless. There is much we can do. One thing we can -- and must -- do is arouse that mass of American Jews who are sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing. I'm talking about those Jews who are sympathetic to Israel but who are otherwise passive, voiceless, and, for all practical purposes, inert. These people must be enlisted to make themselves heard; they must be persuaded to write letters, attend rallies, contact their Congressmen and Senators, and, at every opportunity, speak out for Israel and against Obama's policies. We could use someone like Peter Bergson (Hillel Kook) right about now -- someone who knew how to rouse the torpid masses. The apathy and the silence of large numbers of American Jewish lovers of Israel at this time of Israel's peril is a shanda -- a shame -- and a shame that history may not erase.

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