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Friday, 26 March 2010


Mannie Sherberg
Being a mere mortal, I've never tasted ambrosia, but I've always assumed that the food of the gods tasted nowhere near as good as Smucker's Cherry Preserves. Cherry or raspberry, you're dead right on the main point: this is sad news -- and a glum omen. The painful truth is that many of these jobs will not come back. The recession has forced industries to shrink their biggest expense by getting rid of workers and boosting productivity by other means. That's what they've done, and, in the process, they've learned that they can get the results they need with fewer people. It's a fundamental management dogma that improved productivuty is a sign of "progress"_ -- but I doubt that any of those laid-off Smucker workers see anything progressive in their plight. The really deplorable thing is that all this life-wrecking emphasis on cutting payrolls could have been prevented by one simple move: decreasing -- not increasing -- government intrusion in the private sector. Cutting taxes, slashing regulations, letting the market do its thing -- it would have worked. But all of that is stuff the Left cannot abide. What a pity!

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