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Friday, 23 April 2010


Mannie Sherberg
The Founders designed a system that would thrive without benefit of royalty, but somehow royalty snuck in the back door. What comes next? Roman-style saturnalia? Bacchanalia? Orgies? Evidently, there's no need to crown an American president. Merely taking the oath of office entitles him to all the privileges of kingship. Obama and Crown Prince Biden don't even pretend that they want the common folk to eat cake. They just jet around the country -- as they did on Earth Day -- and let the common folk know that they can go screw themselves. Maybe that's why Obama has been so nasty to Bibi: royalty never condescends to commoners -- and apparently His Majesty sees Bibi as a commoner. But that raises a question: Why does he treat Ahmadinejad like a royal cousin? With Obama, it seems, there's no end to these cryptic questions. I guess you have to have royal blood to know the answers.

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