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Thursday, 22 April 2010


Indeed. Our "best friend" George Bush 'promised' on his first week of office he would sign the embassy act. In eight years, he never signed it and we still pretend why he didn't. However, he never declined signing the lease numerous times for the PLO office to remain open in NY. What fellow republicans fail to understand or talk about anyway, is that a historic opportunity was squandered by Bush. Placing the American Embassy in our beloved Jerusalem meant more then Israel having what every other country has in their capital city. It 'would have been' a historic gesture saying loud and clear, once and for all... "Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel." (to just about everyone on the planet who denies it!!) "I president George Bush am a 'true friend' of Israel." No conservative hierarchy be they prominent writers or politicians protested this. They were silent except for ZOA who was as persona non gratis then as they are now with the current administration. The fight for what is ours is not even respected from "friends." Each time our 'good friend' axed the embassy act, our "good friends" over in the House of Saud, commended the move. Now when we have an openly hostile,evil narcissist in the White House and it is easy to sweep past truths under the rug. Just remember, friends follow words with actions. (good and bad) When will we learn? When will we be honest enough to admit partisanship is blinding? Good Shabbos to you and yours.

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