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Monday, 12 April 2010


Mannie Sherberg
Yael -- your remarks about Amalek are precisely on the mark. Too many American Jews, I fear, do not realize -- if they think about the subject at all -- that Amalek need not be overtly violent, threatening calamity and destruction. He can, especially in today's world, be much more insidious. In 2008, that's what Obama was. He cleverly ingratiated himself with Jewish voters; he insinuated his way into their hearts. Understanding their deep respect for education, he flaunted his Ivy League credentials; aware of their regard for eloquence, he exerted all the rhetorical wiles at his command. It was all stagecraft, of course, all bells-and-whistles, all smoke-and-mirrors. Obama was the perfect candidate for a Photoshop culture; what you saw was in no way what you got. And a huge number of Jews -- ostensibly educated and intelligent people -- lapped it up. They let themselves be lulled and gulled. When disquieting news about Obama broke (e.g., his long-time friendships with raw Jew-haters like Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan) they even covered for him, providing rationalizations and excuses when the situation cried out for condemnations and protestations. A majority of Jewish voters -- to their eternal shame -- CHOSE to behave like the Wise Men of Chelm, completely ignoring the fact that the "Wise Men" were meant to be laughed at, not emulated. A majority of Jewish voters completely forgot Amalek -- and the Jews of Israel are paying a terrible price as a result. So much for the old "We Are One" slogan! The task that lies ahead for those of us who were not snookered by Obama, who have never forgotten Amalek, is to convince those of our fellows who are still amenable to reason that Amalek in any form -- whether ingratiating or intimidating -- is bad news for Jews. The cost of failing to recognize Amalek -- which can easily be done by scratching the surface of whatever disguise he's wearing -- is always paid in blood. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must get our fellow Jews to understand that. If we don't succeed, there may be no Jews around to observe Yom haShoah.
Mannie, did you know that the Big Speech that launched Hussein Obama into prominence at the Democrat convention in '04 was on Tisha b'Av? Oy, a broch. http://lazerbrody.typepad.com/lazer_beams/2008/07/the-rise-of-mister-v.html
Mannie Sherberg
I did not know. But I'm sure any Jew who knows more about gematria than I do could have a field day with that one -- with their interpretations, of course, depending on which calendar they use, the Hebrew or the Western. Either way, they'd almost certainly find something portentuous, something foreboding, something ominous in the numbers. Think of it: a small-time politico aspiring to become a world-class Haman -- and launching his move upward on the classic day of Jewish mourning. Interestingly, none of the many Jews who read Lamentations that day had a glimmering notion of how much they'd soon have to lament. You're right; it's for situations like this that the Jews invented "oy."

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