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Thursday, 10 June 2010


Mannie Sherberg
The Brits better be careful. They're not fooling around with some weak-kneed ninny; they're dealing with the world's number-one tush-kicker. So unless the Brits are looking to get their rumps whumped and their keisters blistered, they'd better watch what they say. Rulers of the empire on which the sun has finally set: You've been warned!
A Brit
Perhaps our power and influence has indeed wained but in a world where you have few friends - you create more anti USA feeling . Who screwed the world economy - USA banks . Me, I will in future look east . The age of the Americans is over, why are we fighting your wars. Time to look to the next world power - china. When you are alone, remember how you treated your allies when you had them

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